By Marc Campos

Never Mind? "Manos Arriba!"

Commentary was wrong again. It looks like the $2 Million Houston City Council At-Large Special Election will be held on May 12, 2007 - if there is an election.

$2 million is a lot of vaccinations. Does the Houston City Council Woman really have to resign? We all know the Special Election Guv Dude called was a flea flicker play that didn't work. The play has been called a farce. She can say, you know what, I'm not going to make the taxpayers cough up $2 mil, just for me to serve for 45 days or so when Congress probably won't even meet. National security won't be threatened. I'll just hang around city hall for another year and bang away at paperless folks and vote against big budgets and get ready for '08.

Does the law say you gotta take office if you win a special? Does someone chase you down and force you to take the oath of office. She'll be forever criticized for making the city spend $2 million to elect someone that will only serve five or six months. Meanwhile, the jockeying continues in a column penned by My PR Agent in today's Chron.

Many are wondering what's up with the downsized crowds at the recent immigrant's rights marches that have been held throughout the country in recent days. Hey, these folks also read the New York Times. They read where the GOP congressional leadership is calling it quits on the legislation for now, so why bother marching now.

Do you think Lady Foghorn actually believes her own commercials when she takes on Austin - where she raised her family - and special interests - that are funding her campaign? I really think that Guv Dude believes his ads. I think he would love to be out on patrol wearing those fancy night vision goggles shouting - "manos arriba!" I don't think Foghorn really believes her own BS.

Yesterday, Commentary's parents celebrated 60 years being married - that's 56 more than Commentary had. I don't think I'm gonna catch them.

We have to sweep in Milwaukee this weekend - period.

September 8, 2006, 9:00AM

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