By Marc Campos

Shame On Dem, Gloss

Last night, State Representative, District 143 candidate Laura Salinas proudly received the endorsement of the Houston GLBT Political Caucus, the city's gay/lesbian political powerhouse. A few nights ago, a local respected political pro wanted to bet me that Laura's opponent, Ana Hernandez, would win the GLBT endorsement. The pro wasn't aware that Ana Hernandez declined the GLBT's screening process.

I think we can assume that Hernandez and her advisors thought that the GLBT's endorsement would hurt her in District 143. They think that District 143 folks will vote against you if you have gay/lesbian support. Shame on them. Laura Salinas, the only candidate that lives in District 143 knows her community. Laura knows that she lives in an accepting and tolerant community. The residency issue doesn't sound so hollow this morning, does it?

To the Dem activists that signed on early with the Ana Hernandez campaign, how do you feel about your campaign dissing a member of the Democratic Party family? 'Splain that.

How many times does Commentary have to say that Laura Salinas is the real deal?

The Chron is coming out with a monthly publication called Gloss. Described as the "latest from the world of fashion, updates on Houston high society." Looks like they might be thinking of running Paper City out of business.

September 8, 2005, 9:00AM

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