By Marc Campos

A Farewell to Kristen

My PR Agent, Chron Political Writer Kristen Mack, is leaving us to go to the Washington Post. I like Kristen Mack. I think she’s a good writer. A whole lot of folks in the business enjoyed reading her column every Friday. She called them the way she saw them. Sometimes Commentary didn’t agree with what she wrote, but hey, that’s politics.

If you agree with everything the local political writer writes, then the political writer is probably not writing good or interesting stuff. Commentary has been around for a while and has dealt with all of the Chron’s political writers. They all had their own style. Kristen kept you on your toes. Early on after she called to discuss a story, I thought I knew how the piece would run – I was wrong. With Kristen, you just gave her all the facts and trust that she would give you a fair shake. She did.

Now she’s going up to the big show up in D.C. and she won’t get to cover James Rodriguez’ campaign for Houston City Council, District I. She won’t get to report on the huge endorsement that James Rodriguez picked up last night that Commentary can’t discuss until Monday. Kristen’s departure is the Chron’s loss.

I called her My PR Agent because early last year she wrote an obit about Commentary that said I was washed up, over the hill and finished. Of course, Commentary didn’t take it personal.

I predict that someday in the near future, I’ll turn on the tube and see Kristen on “Meet the Press,” “This Week,” or one of those Sunday morning programs talking about national politics. She’ll do great up there for sure. I’ll miss her. Farewell and good luck, Kristen Mack!

Commentary’s Mom and Dad are celebrating 61 years of marriage today – yikeroooos! I wonder how many times they have voted. I betcha Tony and Alicia Campos are near the top of total votes casts by a married couple in the entire US of A. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

The federal government wants us to start using the $1 coins. First they came out with the Susan B. Anthony, now they have the Sacagawea $1 coin. Now it turns out they are giving the Sacagawea coin a makeover. If the feds want us to start using the dollar coins, why don’t they just stop printing the dollar bill?

The ‘Stros are in New York City this weekend. There are only four weekends left in the regular season – oh, no!

September 7, 2007 9:00AM

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