By Marc Campos

Carol's Breakfast, Vaudeville's Kinkhole and Foley's

No, she's not going to be flipping pancakes, rolling tortillas, or refrying frioles, but if you have the time, drop by Houston City Council Member Carol Alvarado's State of District I Breakfast this Saturday (9/9) at 9 a.m., at Drexler's on Pierce Street. Good folks, good grub and Carol gets to the point and let's the folks know what's going on in her Council District. That's probably the only morning of the entire year that I forget about the caloric intake with the biscuits, gravy, French toast, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage - you get the picture.

The Kinkster opened up his pie hole yesterday and crap poured out. He wants to put 10,000 troops along the Texas-Mexico border. He also took a shot at H-Town's guests from NOLA. I'll be glad when November 8 rolls around so we no longer have to put up with his act and yes it is an act. In fact, it's a sorry act worthy of the rotten eggs and tomatoes treatment. Doesn't somebody have one of those backstage hooks - the kind that you can wrap around his neck and yank him off the stage? He's vaudeville (or is it fraudville) pure and simple, except he's now taking himself serious.

You know what? You don't deserve The Kinkster status anymore. From here on out - because you have joined the hate spewing brigade - you will now be referred to as The Kinkhole. Take that!

Channel 11 News reads Daily Commentary. Dougie did a story on the for sure to happen Houston City Council At-Large Special Election. Turns out Rice University's Bob Stein says it will cost $2 mil. The story mentioned Davila Martinez, Aiyer, Berry, Torres, Noriega, and Khan as possible candidates - all minority or women. That's a good thing.

The stingray is getting a lot of run these days. How come in Texas City, they are called stingarees?

Ok, beginning this Saturday, Foley's is a goner. They will now be called Macy's. Remember in the good old days when the Downtown Foley's had nine floors plus a basement where they sold the "irregular" stuff on sale like blue jeans. On the way home, I would always look at my jeans or shirts and try to figure out where the "irregularities" were? When I used to go with my Mom, I'd head straight for the toy floor and check out all the stuff I wasn't going to buy. I also visited the electronic goods floor to check out the new color TVs that we didn't have yet.

We'd always take a break and walk over to the LC Cafeteria and I'd have my usual - mash potatoes, can corn, a chopped sirloin patty, a roll, and a glass of tea. We'd go back to Foley's and while my Mom continued to shop, I'd ride the escalators and elevators up and down to kill time. I was always intimidated by Foley's multi-level parking garage - we didn't have many back then. Now if you look at it, it's probably the most rinkydink Downtown parking garage. Now the name Foley's is out - Macy's rules.

It was a pretty dramatic win last night. Still 5 out with 23 left.

September 6, 2006, 9:00AM

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