By Marc Campos

We'll Take Your Team, Too

"This is a great opportunity for the city and we need to seize the moment, jump into with all four legs," said a San Antonio business leader - talking about having the New Orleans Saints move to SA - permanently. Way to go SA. Today, there are thousands of Louisianians in my burg and yours. They've lost a lot. Some don't know if they are going back. Some are wondering what NOLA will look like if and when they return. Many of them are Saints fans. They know their Saints won't be playing at home this season. In week two of Katrina, do they really need to hear that they might lose their Saints for good?

Come on SA. What's wrong with just being good neighbors? Now isn't the time to get into NFL looting. In light of the fact that we have company, you could be more discreet in discussing this issue, or at least wait until emotions level off.

More on Katrina. Guv Perry is getting good run on TV. He was on the Today Show this morning, got some props from Katie Couric and got a big hug from a visitor. You gotta figure Lady Foghorn is stewing. It seems like the failed special sessions have been forgotten.

September 7, 2005, 9:00AM

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