By Marc Campos

Screwed, Special E, Katie, Video, Hot Dogs, And The Lines

I don't know about you, but I want state government to provide great public schools and super institutions of higher learning. I want state government to make sure everyone has access to affordable health care. I want state government to try to make sure consumers don't get ripped off by the utility companies. I want state government to maintain an adequate parks system. I want state government to start making sense of our state's transportation policy.

I don't want state government getting into the immigration enforcement business. Guv Dude kicked off his fall campaign yesterday with an ad touting Texas getting into the paperless folk catching enterprise. Shame on Guv Dude! Every major daily E-Board and every decent business and civic leader in the Lone Star State ought to call out Guv Dude for major league pandering and baiting. If we don't call him out, then we deserve to continue to get screwed on our state's priorities. If we don't call him out, we won't even deserve to lick at the heels of mediocrity.

Looks like there will be a Houston City Council special election probably in February of '07 to fill the vacancy that will be created when the Houston City Council Woman wins the CD 22 special election that was called by Guv Dude to fill out the rest of "No Retreat DeLay's" term. She will have to resign her council at-large seat to serve the less than two months remaining on "No Surrender Tom's" term. Convention political wisdom (an oxymoron?) says that she will win. Are you with me?

So in a City Council special election, a candidate can't start raising money until the special is officially called. So there would be a short time period to raise money for a citywide race - yikes! A candidate with high name ID like Jeff Bagwell or Mattress Mac would have an advantage. A wealthy individual like Jeff Bagwell or Mattress Mac would have an advantage. A candidate that can raise money in a short period of time would have an advantage. The little guy candidate is screwed.

You can spend your own money. You just can't raise any until the starter pistol goes off. Jockeying for position has already begun.

Katie made her debut last night and it was A-Ok. Yeah, there will be some that say she started off sounding like she had just taken a shot of Red Bull. Some will comment on her make-up, even though we never comment on make-up that dudes wear delivering the news. I miss the smile. I guess you can't have too much smiling during the evening news. There were fewer stories, but the stories were longer. I like that. Everybody has a take this morning on Katie's first day on the job. There were even mentions of her legs. Hey, Katie's legs don't need touching up.

Katie's says she's looking for a sign-off line. How about - "take care America?"

From the Morbid Thinking Department: The Crocodile Hunter fella that was killed the other day by a Sting Ray while filming a TV program - how long before the film of the ultimate death scene makes it to websites?

The buns and wiener folks need to get their act together. How come buns are sold in packages of eight, but wieners mostly come in packages of ten, unless you get the jumbo size wieners - they come in sets of eight. Then there are the Hebrew National wieners - they come in a seven-pack - huh?

Commentary hasn't given up. My Nephew is in Vegas and called me last night. He told me that the Astros were at 25 to 1 to win the World Series. I told him to plunk down for me a Ben Franklin to win it all - awwwwww!

Speaking of the betting line, it looks like the Rs will take a political hit this November in large part because of W's war, gasoline prices, and W's policies in general. The Rs can maybe make a comeback with the so-called October surprise. I wonder if Vegas has the line on whether or not Bin Laden will be captured or eliminated right before the election, thus thwarting the chances of Ds - just wondering?

September 6, 2006, 9:00AM

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