By Marc Campos

Primary Toys

In response to last Saturday’s whupping of fifth ranked Michigan by I-AA Appalachian State, the Governor of the Wolverine Sate said she would get even with America and sign a bill moving the Prez primaries in Michigan to January 15 of 2008. Commentary is now predicting that we could see our first primary or caucus contest as early as next month.

Meanwhile, Idaho GOP U.S. Senator Larry Craig, Chairman of the Men’s Public Restroom Caucus, announced that he might not quit after all so he can introduce legislation that would require Prez primaries or caucuses to be held during the same year as the Prez election.

It is also rumored that W might decree that Team USA might boycott the 2008 Beijing Olympics if Christmas USA is canceled this year because of the of the lack of toys that will be available to the kiddos and ninos – thanks, errr Merry Christmas China.

From the Huh Department – the Mayor of NOLA has everything under control so now he’s fixing to run for Governor of Louisiana. Commentary is guessing they never fixed the drinking water in NOLA – way to go FEMA.

The producers of “Grey’s Anatomy” announced that Jerry Lewis would not be guest starring in an episode this season. They must have found someone else to portray the poor soul that comes in to the hospital ER with his head stuck up his arse.

The Chron’s all-star columnist is now back. Heck, I didn’t even know he was gone – sorta.

Pittsburgh Pirate great and Hall of Famer, Bill Mazeroski is 71 years young today. Maz hit the greatest dinger in World Serious history in the bottom of the ninth of Game 7 on October 13, 1960 in Forbes Field against the Yankees. The Pirates won the game 10 to 9 in probably the greatest World Serious of all time. Happy Birthday Maz!

Raquel Welch is One Million B.C. today – actually 67 – but still sizzling. Happy Birthday Raquel!

Brandon Backe did OK last night but the ‘Stros lost. They had some new faces in the dugout so that is probably a real good thing. Only 23 games left – yikes!

September 5, 2007 9:00AM

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