By Marc Campos

Disconnection And Other Stuff

It would have been nice to see a lot more people at yesterday's immigrant's rights march in Downtown Houston. Maybe they should have had the march on a work day. Now don't get me wrong, it was a respectable size crowd, but nothing in comparison to the previous marches.

It was also a little disappointing to only see a few elected officials (Alvarado, Brown, Green and Olivo). I'm sure the others had their reasons for not attending. Didn't see any formal presence of the Democratic Party - so what else is new.

In talking to the leadership of the various immigrant groups, there is a major disconnection between them and the local Latino elected officials. Maybe it has something to do with geography - most of the groups are based in areas like Southwest Houston and Spring Branch, areas that aren't represented by Latinos. Houston City Council Member Carol Alvarado appears to be the exception - because of her tireless efforts on the immigration issue.

Props go the Young Gun and The Lovely Wendy for showing their support yesterday and carrying that All Latinos Vote banner. I noticed yesterday that the Young Gun was starting to get into the candidate mode. Did I tell you that they're getting hitched next year?

Katie Couric is on the air this afternoon. I'm watching.

We're at that point now. Every game is now a "must game." We easily could have swept the Mets. We should have won yesterday in Philly.

Oh yeah, Tiger won yesterday - again - five in a row. I wonder if the other golfers think they are Tiger's - uh, well, you know - ouch?

September 5, 2006, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary