By Marc Campos

Dingers, Dingers, Dingers, Dingers

In Yard-speak, Governor Palin was like the Texas Rangers’ Josh Hamilton in the Major League Baseball All Star Game Home Run Derby seven weeks ago. (She actually came up to bat in the top of the ninth of the ‘Stros/Cubbie game.) Thanks to her delivery and speechwriters, she just kept knocking them out of the park last night. Dinger, after dinger, after dinger – it was definitely an in your face speech.

Let’s she if she can continue her dinger run in the regular season when she has to go mano-a-mano with the “elite media and commentators” in interviews and press availabilities on the campaign trail. Then, let’s see if she can continue to knock them out of the park in the October Classic when she goes up against Joe Biden in the VP debate.

If Dems have rules that say half of delegates to the county/senatorial, state and national Dem conventions have to be half male and half female, how come we didn’t go on ahead and make it the same for the ticket? I’m just asking.

CEWDEM is a little under the weather. Hope he gets to feeling better.

Eight in a row! Eight above .500! Wiggintonner had another dinger and the Cubbies cried Wolf after they were swept at Wrigley in a complete game shutout and we’re eleven back – yikes!

September 4, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary