By Marc Campos

Sneaking In, No ‘Hole, Meddling

If things are getting better in Iraq, according to W and his team, how come W still has to sneak in to see the troops – huh?

From the What A Waste of Time Dept. - Ari Boy, W’s former mouthpiece, is heading up a PR campaign with paid TV ads, asking Americans to support W’s War. I wonder if the ads will show footage of W sneaking into Iraq.

Speaking of holes, there was another article about The Kinkhole saying he might run for Guv in the Texas Dem Primary in 2010. The Texas Dem Party spokesperson seemed to be OK with The Kinkhole joining our ranks. Come on, the guy did some serious paperless folk bashing when he ran last year. Why do we want that guy in our ranks? He is bad news. Rather than putting out the welcome mat to this idiot, I prefer that Dem Party leaders tell him to kiss our arses.

Speaking of kicking arses, Jason Bourne is one of the coolest. I would give him the edge over James Bond. Go check out “Bourne Ultimatum.”

The Chron’s leading sports columnist wrote yesterday that Drayton needs to stop meddling with the club. Let’s see now – sports columnists, sports writers, sports talk show hosts, sports talk show callers, fans at The Yard, Commentary and a whole lot of other folks have an opinion on what the ‘Stros ought to do, errr meddling, but the fella that has his millions invested shouldn’t – huh?

Coop 4, Bad Guys 3. Brandon Backe begins his comeback tonight. 24 games left.

September 4, 2007 9:00AM

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