By Marc Campos

One Tough Soon To Be Grandma?

Gustav is one of those fellas without a last name cause everyone knows who you are anyway like Cher, Madonna, Bono, Prince, and Sting. Gustav nudged W and Big Dick Cheney off the podium and gave the opening keynote speech at yesterday’s GOP National Convention. Gustav talked about U.S. Americans making a recommitment to preparedness, as in sex education preparedness. Gustav also urged GOP delegates to at least acknowledge the existence of condoms and invited them to a post first day session reception hosted by Trojan. The high water mark of Gustav’s speech which didn’t get any applause or much less a standing ovation was when – sorry Obama - he said it was almost impossible to not talk about Governor Palin’s family when teen age pregnancy is kind of a big problemo in this country – like having the highest teen pregnancy rates of any so called developed countries. Gustav ended his remarks by asking the GOP National Delegates from Alaska – “It’s 10 pm, do you know where your kids are? Do you know what is going on in the backyard igloo?”

Here’s what a Commentary reader had to say about yesterday’s take on taking it easy on Governor Palin:

“Carl, I think Mark (errr Marc) may be right about treating Gov. Palin with grace. HOWEVER, I think we need to go after McCain with Katrina-like force for: (1) his lack of judgment, cynicism, and impulsiveness in picking someone with no experience (as we say in Texas, "bless her heart"). Here she is trying to care for a Down Syndrome Child and learn how to be governor of a tiny state and McCain offers her the VP spot. Of course, she'll say yes even though 90% of the adult population of the United States is just as competent ("bless her heart"), and, (2) with all the garbage that McCain's been putting out about Sen. Obama's lack of experience, he chooses her? We need to make this about McCain's lack of judgment.” From Alan.

In today’s Chron convention coverage, they have a seven photo inset of McCain’s “Texas Connections” – all dudes, just like Obama's Texas Seven according to the Chron.

The Rocket’s kid got thrown into jail this past weekend. I wonder if St. Rusty will be sent in to the rescue.

Roy O was O-standing O-nce again as he and Joe-Go-Green-Valley combined to leave the Cubbies with a big O in the runs column. Roy O gave up 4 hits in eight and a third innings, we’ve won six in a row including sweeping the Cards at home this past weekend, and we’re thirteen back.

September 2, 2008 9:00AM

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