By Marc Campos

The Obvious, Safe Clear Cut, Residency

Must read: Eric Berger's (of the Chron) article that was first published in December of 2001. The Chron reprinted the piece today in the op-ed section of the paper. It is downright eerie. The current disaster was predicted.

Disaster preparedness is the responsibility of the government. It is not about how many batteries, flashlights and portable radios individuals possess. The federal government has failed America.

It is pretty pathetic to listen to the administration folks respond to tough reporter questions about preparedness. Not even their talking points can get them bailed out of this one.

It is not that easy for poor folks to evacuate. You gotta have some change in your pocket before you can put the family in a car and drive off to someplace else. In some cases, you gotta have a car. Add evacuation ability to how one defines class structure in America.

The City of Houston's Safe Clear Freeway Towing Program suffered a setback yesterday when a federal judge ruled that the city can't give out exclusive contracts to towing companies - a key component of the program. Local attorney Edgar Colon scored the win on behalf of the Houston Professional Towing Association and three local operators. The fight is far from over - where's Whitmire when you need him.

At the yard last night, had a discussion with one of the area's most competent electeds. Elected asked if residency had ever been a determining factor in an election (talking about District 143). You see, everybody acknowledges that Laura Salinas' opponents changed their voter registration addresses a couple of months ago and everybody knows that Laura Salinas' opponents still don't live, errr, spend the night in District 143. Thought about it after the game - I'd rather be the candidate that didn't have to change their voter registration to run for office.

September 2, 2005, 9:00AM

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