By Marc Campos

What Bounce? No Way To Treat A Lady!

Commentary predicted that there would probably not be an Obama/Biden bounce after last week’s National Dem Convention and it looks like I was right. There was non stop cracking by the “guest” GOP talking heads during the Dem Convention. There was the Friday morning Governor Palin pick as National Dem Delegates were just waking up in Denver. Then there was Gustav heading towards NOLA.

Here is what bothers Commentary about the Palin pick. If Dem groups crack on her too hard and too much and she withstands the crack attack, some key voters are going to think that she’s up for the job. She’s 44, has five kids including a newborn with a disability, and her oldest heading to Iraq – with that out there, I’m afraid that too many attacks on her will backfire – just a thought. Maybe it is time to put on the kid gloves.

Apparently, there are bumper stickers in Alaska that say – “Coldest State, Hottest Governor!”

Here’s Carol Alvarado’s Day 4 Report From Denver:

“Oh what a night! Last night our Texas delegation led chants of "Yes we can and Si Se Puede!" We return to Texas united, fired up, and passionate about electing Barak Obama as President of the United States. We witnessed a historic event and even if you were a Hillary delegate, there was a feeling of pride and excitement our party has not felt in a long time.

Last night was an experience every Texas delegate will hold close to their heart. We danced in the aisles. We embraced one another and shared one of the most remarkable moments in politics. More than ever we felt the bond that brings Democrats together, it was almost indescribable. I wish I could bottle that feeling and experience and share it with the rest of Texas.”

The Senate District 17 race is getting nasty between the Rs. GOP honcho Jack Rains fired a missile the other day accusing Commentary’s friend Dave Walden of being involved in one of the campaigns. Here is how Dave responded:

“Jack, once again you must not have been sober when sending out your email claiming that I am a consultant to Joan's campaign. I am not involved in her campaign. My wife is. Just her. Not me. I don't work at Walden and Associates. I expect you to send a correction asap to the poor souls on your email list or I truly will deal with you like the dog you are. Understood fat boy.”

I love it! Don’t mess with Dave. Commentary respects and thinks a lot of Dave Walden.

The Chron predicted that at the end of August the ‘Stros would be 65-72. We’re 71-66! Wiggintonner had another dinger and we’re 14 back and heading to Wrigley for three.

September 1, 2008 9:00AM

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