By Marc Campos

Special, Monday And Everything Else

Nicky reads Commentary. He has decided not to get suckered into the 'ol fumblerooski so he's not going to run in the Special Election. So that means the Houston City Council Woman will win the Special. So that means she will have to resign from City Council. So that means the Mayor will have to call a Special Election to fill the vacancy - cause that's the law. So that means the city's taxpayers are in for a mil. So that means Jay Aiyer has some deciding to do - cause he just missed winning an At-Large race by a few hundred votes last year.

Labor Day s__ks! Labor Day is America's most phony holiday. How come all the retail and grocery stores and eateries will be open Monday? The folks that really are supposed to be celebrating that day will be working. Meanwhile, the folks that make the most money will be at the beach, grilling in their backyard, or sitting by their pool. The folks that make the least money will be stocking the shelves, flipping burgers, or ringing you up. On Christmas and Thanksgiving we hang with the family. On the Fourth of July we watch fireworks. On Labor Day too many people work. I'm marching at 10 a.m. Monday at the Immigrant's Rights March in Downtown Houston.

Ok, I'm breaking a promise. Remember when I said we shouldn't give DeLay anymore run. I can't resist. He apparently cut a book deal. It's supposed to be titled "No Retreat, No Surrender." Now let's see, you say you moved to Virginia and you removed your name from the ballot. I wish you knew how to quit us Tom.

The inside of my forearm is sore this morning. It was one of those high foul balls that dance on their way down. When I figured I was in the landing zone I stood up and tried one of those Willie Mays basket catches and I missed by about 8 inches. It hit my arm, bounced in front of me, I scooped it up and gave it to El.

Did you check out Willie T.'s spin around snag of that line drive shot? He spins around, temporarily loses sight of the flight of the ball, but still makes the catch. Nothing gets the home crowd more worked up than watching the opposing manager and a key opposing player get the heave-ho by an ump early in the game. It happened in the first inning to Brewer Skipper Ned Yost and First Baseman Jeff Cirillo.

We're 2 back and now the Metropolitans, owners of the league's best record, come to town with Carlos Beltran, Tom Glavine, Paul Lo Duca, David Wright and Billy Wagner - yikes. No problemo - yeah, sure.

Speaking of Katrina, in 2005, according to the National Name Store, Katrina was the 247th best selling name purchased for baby girls. Since 2000, Katrina is #261, just behind #260 Nancy (her name was Magil, but she called herself Lil). Camille, another killer 'cane is 261. The Young Political Consultant That Works For Commentary is #182.

September 1, 2006, 9:00AM

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