By Marc Campos

Commentary Was Wrong,
'Stros Are Right

A while back, Commentary suggested that maybe it was time to tear down the Astrodome - said it had no use. Commentary was wrong. Props go to the individual who came up with the idea to use it as a mega-shelter for Katrina victims.

Props also go to those electeds, candidates, and political organizations that are urging their supporters to give to Katrina relief operations.

Campaigns go on. Aside from giving money, there is not a lot you can do - maybe go volunteer out at the Dome. Maybe go man one of those Katrina Telethon phone banks. There is nothing wrong with Foghorn cracking on Guv Perry. What is she supposed to do - watch CNN, errr Fox News all day? Heck, Texans still need to be entertained.

The 'Stros are heading into the final month still in the hunt for the Wild Card playoff slot. They are a half game out. It is very exciting baseball. They can't score runs for Roger, they score for Wandy. Frustrating, you bet. Interesting, absolutely. Give Phil Garner credit for working with a team that includes maybe four future hall of famers and rookies like Willie Taveras, Chris Burke and Luke Scott. Get out to the yard this evening - it's dollar hot dog night. Believe it or not, at the last dollar hot dog night, one of the Young Guns consumed a dozen - as in twelve. Yikes!

September 1, 2005, 9:00AM

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