By Marc Campos

Dome is Done

Commentary was the first – I think – that said a while back that we need to say adios to The Astrodome. That’s what happens to old ball parks that have no use. Let’s see – do Veterans, Crosley, Forbes, Polo Grounds, Ebbetts, Three Rivers, Sportsmen Park, and Municipal ring a bell?

Yesterday the Rodeo folks and the Houston Texans came out in opposition of the Astrodome Redevelopment Project – a Project that wants to turn the Dome into a hotel and restaurants. The Rodeo and the Texans say the Project will cut in to their action.

The Rodeo is arguably the biggest political force in these parts. The Rodeo pretty much get their way. So the Project is dead.

So what do we do with the Dome? There is only one choice – tear it down – ouch! Commentary has a lot of great memories of the Dome – Elvis, Selena, the 1980 playoffs against the Phillies, the last game in 1999 against the Braves, Luv Ya Blue, seeing my high school team in 1972 beat SA Churchill, among others. It is time to move on though. I think it is time for public officials and civic leaders to step forward and call for the demolition crew.

I’ve had it up to here with Zaf Tahir! It turns out his anti paperless folk mailer has a photo that makes Mexico look like a bad place with bad people. Hey, I’m Mexican American so he’s talking about my folks. I hope the Latino electeds that endorsed Tahir withdraw their support.

Speaking of ghouls and goblins, today is trick or treat day. I think I’ll dress like a chump tonight if I can find my Zaf Tahir mask.

There are two days I wouldn’t want for a birthday – Christmas and Halloween. Jane Pauley is 57 years young today. Happy Trick or Treat Birthday Jane! Jane Pauley don’t need touching up.

The ‘Stros have an interest in signing free agent center fielders Torii Hunter and Aaron Rowand. That’s a real good thing so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Commentary went to vote yesterday with My Brown Eyed Girl. I voted to keep the Office of Inspector of Hides. I’m not convinced that we need to do away with this office. After all, what do we have to hide……awwww!

October 31, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary