By Marc Campos

Chron Endorsements, Boo!, Boo II!, Sleepy Hollow

The Chron had a piece yesterday in the Outlook section on how they endorse candidates. The bottom line, the top execs have the final say or veto power. Interesting, do the top execs sit in on the screenings? Probably not. So one could make the case that the process is flawed. Fair? The candidates go make their case to the editorial board - they answer the tough questions - then in some cases, the top execs, that were not at the screening weigh in. Nobody's perfect.

In Commentary's 'hood, there aren't very many kids. On Halloween night, we get hit up by outsiders. A couple of cars pull up down the block, a bunch of kids empty out, and then they hit the lighted homes. Sad to say, there aren't that many homes on our block that pass out goodies - just a few of us. In the costume department, nothing really fancy. Some - usually older kid - don't even have costumes, just a large grocery bag - paper, not plastic - that they stick out and don't even bother to say "trick or treat!" Commentary's handing out the mini candy bars. It might not matter, the weather guy says it's going to rain this afternoon and tonight.

They started handing out the treats, errrr, tricks at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue early this morning. W announced his supreme choice. Kind of scary.

Commentary reported that the Laura Salinas campaign printed big signs that had Laura's mug - in living color. The signs were placed at the early voting locations. Well, the other side went out and cut out Laura's face. They left the rest of her torso. It kind of looks like the fella from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. They can steal or vandalize our signs, but they can't touch our mail!

October 31, 2005, 9:00AM

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