By Marc Campos

Speaker Race and Votes

In today’s Austin American Statesman, GOP State Rep Keffer from Eastland says the race for the next Texas House Speaker will be over within 24 hours after the polls close next Tuesday. In reading the piece, I came away with the impression that this fella thinks he has a good shot at winning. If Dems have 76 plus State Reps next Tuesday like Commentary predicts, the next Texas House Speaker will be a Dem for sure.

In 2004 in Harris County, 412,128 voted in person. Through yesterday, 513,888 had voted in person for a 25% increase with two days left. I just don’t see how that bodes

well for the local GOP. The Chron’s E-Board endorsed Da Bell today – finally!

Apparently, the GOP Harris County Sheriff read yesterday’s Commentary and decided to take the sleaze ball ad attacking Houston Mayor Pro Tem Adrian Garcia off the air. I guess he figures the hand writing is on the wall and he doesn’t want to go down in local political history as a sleaze ball loser. Nah, he probably thought I might do some old “Car 54” takes on him today – ooh, ooh, ooh!

The Roundtable Crew is gunning for Commentary. They’re going to try to snatch away The Roundtable Championship Belt that I’ve been wearing for the past two years. Here’s what they sent out yesterday:

“The only poll that counts? No, it's not the one taken on Election Day.

It's The Roundtable Election Pool, Houston's pre-eminent test of political punditry. And the polls open tonight.”

As always, the brain-smashing ballot has been expertly crafted by Dr. Richard Murray with each race weighted to measure the precognitive skills of Houston politicos. And as always, each political insider will pay a five dollar Roundtable Pool Tax to fatten the payout for the winning pundit.”

Check out the attached ballot. Check out the electoral college websites. Consult the poll numbers. Call your contacts inside the campaigns. Tap your insights and inside information. Then bring your ballot and your five bucks to tonight's Roundtable. (If you can't make it tonight, the pool is open for electronic balloting until Friday evening.)”

Will defiant defending champion Marc Campos make Houston political history by becoming the pool's first repeat winner? Will Paul Bettencourt cackle as Republicans snatch victory from the jaws of stunned Democrats? Will Dick Murray's decade-old prediction of a Democratic resurgence in Harris County finally become a reality?”

As I was making my picks last night, fellow Roundtable colleagues kept looking over my shoulder trying to sneak a peek at my predictions.

If you aren’t doing anything this evening, swing by Rice University’s Herring Hall and check out Commentary at the Houston Association of Black Journalists discussion on media and politics – 7 pm. The E-Board Insider will be there along with the Defender’s Sonny, TCR Editor Gary Polland, Channel 13’s Melanie Lawson, and Da Bell’s good friend Carroll Robinson.

Movie quotes: Governor Palin after a briefing session on national security – “La di da, la di da, la la!” From “Annie Hall.”

Watching the end of last night’s World Serious was bittersweet. Lights Out Lidge got the save and went 48 for 48 this year. In 2006 and 2007 when he was wearing the Brick Red, he couldn’t shake Pujolsitis. ‘Stros GM Ed Wade traded him away and the change of scenery did Lights Out Lidge some good – kind of like sending someone with allergies to the desert. Ed Wade gets a gold star for helping get the Phillies on the right track. Nothing else to report from The Yard other than to hope that Ed works his magic on the ‘Stros next season

October 30, 2008 9:00AM

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