By Marc Campos

Battle of the Bonds

Commentary has professional experience working on HISD Bond campaigns. I worked on the 1989, 1996, 1998, and 2002 bond campaigns. Commentary wasn’t invited to this year’s bondfest so I’ve just been providing a little bit of Commentary.

A couple of bond supporters that I respect told me recently that their polling says that they are winning - interesting. Commentary doesn’t have access to polling on the bonds. My takes are based on observations.

In the past 4 bond campaigns, the opposition consisted of the usual suspects – the anti HISD folks, the taxpayer rights fringe groups, and the far right nuts. This time the opposition consists of two members of Congress, two state legislators, three members of H-Town’s City Council, and two of the most prominent members of the local clergy.

This past Sunday, the anti bond group organized a bus tour of African American churches. The tour got a lot of run on the local news that evening.

The Early Vote turnout in the African American parts of town is an indication that the bonds are stirring up interest in that community. That’s probably not good news for the HISD bond leadership.

The anti bond folks seems to be more passionate. A lot of the pro bond folks come off as reluctant supporters.

Yesterday the 8 Day Campaign Contribution and Expenditure reports were turned in and the anti bond group reported raising over 40 grand and spending 36 grand.

Usually, when you put together a bond type of campaign in H-Town, you make sure that that the folks that are opposed this time are on board. We’ll find out in a week how all this plays out.

James Rodriguez, candidate for Houston City Council, District I was on live TV last night on Latino Talk on Channel 17. Jose Jimenez and Ben Mendez were real good hosts. The opposition was a no show. James did A-OK. The Lovely Wendy is putting together a James for Women reception today after work at the Red Door in Midtown – check it out.

The Chron’s editorial today complained about the World Serious games going way past my bedtime. I agree. Heck, I had to constantly dip into my Halloween stash to get a sugar jolt in order to stay up.

Add Commentary to the list of those that think A-Rod’s agent is full of sh_t for announcing during the last game of the World Serious that A-Rod would be a free agent. You know, that is really selfish, particularly for a fella that has yet to demonstrate that he can play in the month of October.

Speaking of, it looks like the former Yankee Skipper is going to the Dodgers. Great, that means he’ll be visiting The Yard for four starting June 29!

October 30, 2007 9:00AM

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