By Marc Campos

An Open Apology To ‘Ol Barn

NOTE: Knowing he’s going to soon have to surrender his badge, soon to be former GOP Harris County Sheriff Tommy Thomas is running a TV ad accusing his opponent, Houston Mayor Pro Tem Adrian Garcia, of smoking marijuana over a 100 times and wrecking a police car when he was a Houston cop. When Adrian applied to be a police officer three decades ago, he admitted to smoking a few joints as a teen – big fu__ing deal!

I want to offer a sincere apology to Barney Fife from Mayberry, RFD. I jumped the track yesterday and unfairly compared you to our sleaze ball GOP Harris County Sheriff. ‘Ol Barn, if Opie had maybe done a few things he should not have done when he was 16 years young, I don’t think you would have made a TV commercial out of it like our sleaze ball sheriff did. In fact, from the way I understand it, my friend Adrian Garcia actually admitted this stuff when he applied to become one of Houston’s finest. Adrian, like Opie, has had a pretty good career – just your typical blemishes. Adrian had a fender bender in a patrol card and Opie directed “The Da Vinci Code” –yikes – however, neither were major ethical screw-ups, just little mistakes.

‘Ol Barn, you also used to treat Otis pretty good like help him sleep one off or take him home or get him something to eat or get him some clean duds. I don’t ever think anybody ever croaked under your custody. I remember the time when Gomer thought you had unfairly ticketed him and he hit you back with a citizens arrest charge. I don’t recall you or Sheriff Taylor going out in front of Gomer’s gas station and retaliating and doing one of those surveillance jobs.

‘Ol Barn, you lived a frugal life. You had your own room in Mrs. Mendelbright’s boarding house. The only time you violated your lease was when you tried to use a hot plate a time or two to heat up some grub Aunt Bee sent over. Nobody ever offered to fix you up your own place for nothing liked our GOP sleaze ball sheriff. Heck, you never even let Floyd give you a free haircut.

‘Ol Barn, I also brought up the one bullet deal you used to keep in your shirt pocket. I was just kidding. In fact, you may have stumbled a time to two, but you never abused your office. I don’t ever recall the Raleigh TV stations going to you or Sheriff Taylor to question your ethics. I definitely can’t say that about our GOP Harris County Sheriff.

‘Ol Barn, I got all worked up yesterday and wrote down some things I should not have. I hope you accept my most sincere apology – ten four.

With three days of Early Voting left, as compared to the FINAL total in 2004, Moody Park (HD 148) up 33%, Sunnyside (HD 146) up 20%, and Acres Homes (HD 139) up 33%.

In today’s Chron, the E-Board is asking voters not to vote straight ticket. I guess they figure that if we vote straight ticket, all of their endorsed GOPers are going to get their arses handed to them – sorry pals.

Yesterday, local leaders and Guv Dude celebrated the opening of one of the most hideous infrastructure project in my memory, the widening of the Katy Freeway. I don’t get it.

Commentary is in demand I guess. I’ll be a panelist at the Houston Association of Black Journalists discussion on media and politics tomorrow evening (7 pm) at Rice University. My fellow panelists include Houston Chronicle editorial writer Tim Fleck, ABC 13 news anchor Melanie Lawson, Houston Defender publisher Sonny Messiah-Jiles, former Harris County Republican Party chairman/Texas Conservative Review editor Gary Polland, and Carroll G. Robinson, Esq. associate professor, TSU’s Barbara Jordan-Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs.

Something to report from The Yard: In today’s Chron, Pam-In-Charge says that ticket prices at The Yard next season will stay the same. She says that it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to raise prices since our economy is in the ditch. Way to go Pam-In-Charge! By the way, Pam-In-Charge’s mug is also in the Chron – I told you she didn’t need touching up! For the record, Commentary didn’t like the fact that MLB let the World Serious be played in the rain and in the cold in Philly the other night. Hey, Philly has a ton of Obama voters and the last thing we need is for them to catch cold or the flu and not be able to go Vote Early or on E-Day. Game Five of the World Serious finally gets finished up this evening.

October 29, 2008 9:00AM

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