By Marc Campos

Barney Fife and Polls 101

Barney Fife, errr, the GOP Harris County Sheriff, knows he’s circling the toilet drain with his fellow tu_ds because he is now running a real nasty TV ad against my friend Adrian Garcia – the next sheriff. Don’t worry ‘Ol Barn, Dems won’t run ads accusing you of shacking up with Aunt Bea because you’re already toast! Come the evening of November, we’re sending someone over to snatch away your one bullet!

After three straight days of front page local political polls in the Chron, today’s front page has an article on how to read the confusing polls – huh! Check it out.

Early Votes through yesterday – Alief Library (HD 149) up 95%, Courtyard Marriott (HD 133) up 39%, Fiesta (HD 146) up 70%, Baytown (HD 128) up 37%, Galena Park (HD 143) up 115%, and Franz Road (HD 132) up 52%. Now these are the polls I like.

The NFL’s 49ers are interested in talking to W’s Sec State about running their 2 and 6 last place team. Now that’s one heck of a turn around remedy! Find someone who helped run our foreign policy into the ditch to get a storied football franchise back to the top. Makes sense to me! Heck, I really don’t give a rat’s arse what she does as long as it doesn’t involve national security.

Speaking of being in the ditch, it looks like we’re going to go through the election season without W showing up at a single rally. The same goes for Big Dick Cheney.

Movie quotes: Obama to McCain – “Are you going to bark all day little doggy, or are you going to bite.” From “Reservoir Dogs.”

Nothing to report from The Yard other than I was miserable just watching last night’s World Serious Game Five. I got a rule for stopping a game. If you are at the game and you’re beer goes from Bud to Bud Light in less than an inning, then you definitely suspend the game. The game resumes this evening.

October 28, 2008 9:00AM

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