By Marc Campos

More On The Series, Endorsements

In today's Chron, they list some of the teams that were swept in a World Series. We ain't in bad company - the '63 Yankees that had Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, Tony Kubek, and Whitey Ford - and the '66 Dodgers that had Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale, and Maury Wills.

From the in case you didn't notice department - a few times during the playoffs, we fielded an all blue-eyes starting line-up. I'm not making a big deal out of this, but when Willie T. didn't start, there wasn't any color in the line-up - unlike ChiSox that had a very colorful manager in Ozzie Guillen, Series MVP Jermaine Dye, Juan Uribe, and Carl Everett. Next season, Willie T. - Sporting News' National League Rookie of the Year - needs to step up, be a bit more vocal, and be the leader of the outfield.

Today at City Hall, a "thank you Astros" rally will be held. Hot dogs, peanuts and other ballpark grub will be on sale. Come on now! We've been shelling out megabucks for ballpark grub all year - why not give it away to the fans - is that too foreign of a concept? Commentary is protesting and boycotting the rally, I will watch it on the tube though. I'll also start wearing my white sox too - I kind of look funny working out at the gym wearing dark sox.

Laura Salinas, the only candidate that actually lives in District 143, got clobbered in the endorsement category. We got the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Policy Committee (PAC) and Houston Gay Lesbian Caucus outright and duelies from the Sierra Club and Houston Black American Democrats (HBAD). The school of thought says the candidate with an overwhelming advantage of endorsements will clean up on election day - oh yeah - then how come Laura's signs keep getting snatched? Are endorsements overrated? It is also interesting to hear about folks out there in cyberville that have a negative take on Laura - folks that meet her in person always come away impressed - not because she knocks their sox off - she impresses because she's the real deal - and real deals sometimes trump endorsements.

October 28, 2005, 9:00AM

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