By Marc Campos

The Polls, Polls, and Polls

There was a lot of chatter this past weekend about the Chron’s poll on the Prez and local races here in Harris County. Dem activists are excited and redoubling their efforts. GOP activists are understandably nervous. The Chron’s poll says that Dems are poised to sweep the countywide races with one exception – the GOP County Judge. Looking at the Early Vote numbers to date, I’m starting to think that the GOP County Judge might not make it after all. Today’s Chron poll also says that the GOP is leading in CD 7 and 22. I don’t know about that either.

Through yesterday, Acres Homes (HD 139) up 164%, Baytown (HD 128) up 39%, Jersey Village (HD 135) up 67%, Palm Center (HD 147) up 93%, HCC (HD 145) up 116%, Clear Lake (HD 129) up 67%, and Wallisville (HD 142) up 95%.

The Chron’s E-Board did not endorse The Taxman, Paul Bettencourt, because he’s a meddler. Ditto to that.

There was a Chron Op-Ed yesterday by a helpless and miserable GOP State Officer who suggested that Texas House Speaker Tom Craddick resign right now so that the voters will let the GOP maintain a majority of the Texas House. Sorry, pal – the fix is in. It looks like Dems will have 76 plus after the dust settles next Tuesday night. Commentary hears that some Dems are already working behind the scenes to be the next Texas House Speaker.

Carol Alvarado’s BD Celebration was a rousing success. The three area State Senators were there as well as State Reps Farrar and Hernandez as well as Commissioner Garcia and CM Rodriguez as well as the next State Senator – Da Bell.

The Bentsen-Jordan-Leland breakfast was also a success. All the candidates were there as well as the HC Dem Party Chair. Congrats to CEWDEM, Myrna, Lenora, Doris, Ms. Vogel, Ms. Hadnot, Ms. Flores and all the rest of the SD 15 crew and of course The Dean.

Congrats also go to Bill Kelly for doing an incredible job of handling, errr coordinating the Dem effort here in Harris County. Let’s hope he can last another eight days.

Movie quotes: Governor Palin to a campaign aide – “That’s right. I’m just CRAZY about Tiffany’s!” from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”

Nothing to report from The Yard other than to say that Pam-In-Charge, a woman on the move, gets honored today and ‘Stros GM Ed Wade’s former team leads the World Serious three games to one.

October 27, 2008 9:00AM

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