By Marc Campos

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Nobody is perfect in this business, not even W's Brain. We're going to find out if his political strategic thinking works this time around. Hey, he controls the RNC $$$ flow. He's also in charge of the White House message, so he must take credit or responsibility.

Remember, W's Brain, before he became W's Brain, stumbled a few times here in the Lone Star State. Let's see if his current streak holds up.

If you are in this business long enough, there will be times when your d__k or t__s get knocked into the dirt. Why, because nobody's perfect?

Political campaign modern history is awash in tales of the so called "whiz kids" that brought in a few Ws, they bragged for a while, then they ended up like the rest of us - you win some, you lose some.

So go for the gold on 11/7 - take a few bows, have folks buy you a few drinks and dinner - because it won't last forever.

As I stumbled out of bed this morning and turned on the TV I thought I saw an ad attacking the Houston City Council Woman CD 22 wannabee. I don't know if it was a Nicky ad, a DCCC ad, or a DNC ad, but I thought they hit her for helping the paperless folks. If that's the case, shame on Nicky and his supporters for Latino bashing. Commentary doesn't tolerate Dems that pull the Latino bashing card. Yeah, I know we need Nicky to win because we need the numbers to take the U.S. House, but not at our (Latino) expense. Memo to Nicky and his folks: They say you will just be renting CD 22 for the next two years. You are going to need enthusiastic Latino votes in 2008. We don't get enthused when you play the Latino bashing game.

I'm going to have to track down the ad this morning - maybe I didn't see it after all - it was kind of early you know.

Speaking of disappointments, how come the Human Rights Campaign organization fired the staffer that put out the emails on The GOPredators? I think they should have given him a raise and promotion.

Looks like the feds are going to make it harder for Latino immigrant folks to become U.S. citizens by raising the price of admission. That's why we need to get rid of the GOP anti Latino folks that are running the federal government. I wonder if Nicky will support the price increase for citizenship status, you know, since his folks are promoting the Latino bashing agenda, errr allegedly?

What's the holdup? Maybe I am wrong and they don't have Bin Laden on ice waiting to be wheeled out in front of the cameras. I'm keeping my TV tuned to CNN all weekend.

Props go to Houston City Council Member Carol Alvarado as she assumes the Presidency of the Board of Directors of the Texas Municipal League today. She'll do a great job and provide effective leadership for our state's cities - small and large.

A year ago this morning I woke up with a World Serious hangover as our 'Stros had just been shut out 0-4. This morning the Cards have a 3 to 1 lead over the Tigers and Preston Wilson is on the verge of getting a ring - yikes!

October 27, 2006, 9:00AM

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