By Marc Campos

Astros Hangover, Signs III, School Board Race, W and Harriett, Latino Legends

As Astros fans, we've always said we wanted to get to the World Series - well, we did. It wasn’t until after we put away the Cards that we started saying "let's win a World Series." Yeah, we are disappointed, but we should not be devastated. A couple of timely hits and a pitch a fraction of an inch off, and we could be up 3 to 1, but that's baseball - and that's why it is the greatest game on earth.

Morgan Ensberg and Adam Everett were the biggest offensive letdowns. Lamb, Lane and Biggio didn't do much better.

You live by the Lidge, you Dye by the Lidge. Hey, we rode his arm to the Series, to quote Edgar, he was just "out of gas."

To Astros fans down the left field line - you own the stands - to let ChiSox shortstop Juan Uribe reach in and make a grab is inexcusable. If he had come my way, I'd probably ask him to autograph the foul ball.

Commentary will continue to offer takes on a season that finally took us to the World Series.

Now that baseball is done, I can start concentrating on my neglected client, Laura Salinas, the only candidate that actually lives in District 143. Apparently, the folks that were caught stealing Laura's signs called Laura to offer their explanation. Hey, don't explain, just give us back our signs. My sign guy told me that he ran into one of Laura's opponents yesterday who says that a state legislator that is supporting another opponent was seen snatching Laura's signs. Don't elected officials have better things to do than to steal signs? You see, we put Laura's mug on the new signs and that's driving one of our opponents' supporters crazy. There's something about Laura.

The Chron has a story today on a school board race in the Houston Independent School District (HISD). Not too flattering. One candidate doctors campaign and expenditure reports, one doesn't vote, and the other doesn't pay his property taxes on time. Hey, at least they all live in the district.

W fumbled on Harriett Miers. Bad play calling by The Brain - guess The Brain is kind of distracted. W's not putting many Ws in his column nowadays. It looks like the far right still rules the GOP.

Before Game 4 started last night, MLB announced the Latino Legends of the Game during a ceremony. Commentary, who is of the Latino persuasion kind of got emotional - Pudge, Pujols, Carew, A-Rod, Edgar, Clemente, ManRam, Vladimir, Pedro, Marichal, Fernando, and Mariano made the team - I have no argument with this bunch. Actor Edward James Olmos introduced the Legends and did a great job. MLB got this one right.

October 27, 2005, 9:00AM

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