By Marc Campos

Gutless Bunch, Birthday Girls

The Harris County GOP is a gutless bunch – period. They come out and oppose the cancer bonds but they take no position on the Harris County or Port bonds. They know if they come out against the county bonds, the 2 GOP county commissioners and the GOP County Judge will rain on their tiny minds. They know if they come out against the Port bonds, they will get rained on by some more powerful folks in town. Once again they are showing that they love to talk tough, but in reality, they are nothing but a bunch of gutless pollos, errr chickens.

One Of My Best Friends is celebrating a birthday today. Happy Birthday Carol Alvarado! Carol is __ years young today. She was born in 19__. She cast her first vote at the age of 18 in 19__. She was elected to the Houston City Council in 2001 at the age of __.

Everyone is invited to join Carol at her birthday celebration this evening at The Rice in Downtown H-Town. She will also be raising funds tonight for her race for the Texas Legislature, however, a donation isn’t required if you want to drop by. We will have fun, food, drinks, a real live band, and dancing. Carol Alvarado don’t need touching up.

Speaking of, Hillary is also celebrating a birthday today. Happy Birthday Hillary!

Commentary got an invitation yesterday to one of the coolest holiday parties of the season – all the local players show up. It is actually one of the only parties I get invited to. It is actually the only invite I get. This year the party is being held at Hotel ZaZa – cool.

I don’t know about the World Serious taco giveaway that they announced last night. They’re giving away a free taco to everyone at Taco Bell on Tuesday, October 30 from 2 to 5 pm - heck, who’s hungry then? They ought to have a giveaway on who can find the first person of color in the stands at Fenway.

It is time for Colorado to step up.

October 26, 2007 9:00AM

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