By Marc Campos

Go Ask Alice, Happy Birthday Carol, He's Back, Thingies

Commentary thinks Lady Foghorn might need a drug test. She said yesterday that the Accenture folks were doing a lousy job - huh - and the Chron actually gave her some run on this. At Dem precinct conventions throughout the state last March, Dem activists were passing resolutions asking the state to can Accenture. The 'Horn finally got it 12 days before the results are in - are you listening Chron E-Board folks that endorsed The 'Horn last week. She's the Comptroller and she finally figured out what most folks have known for months.

You know, Commentary actually thought it was a brilliant move for Da Bell to ask The Kinkhole to step aside - The 'Hole refused. Now that the polls seem to be moving a little in Da Bell's direction, maybe The Trials ought to tell The 'Horn adios and put their $$$ into Dem Get-Out-The-Vote programs - that way Dems up and down the ballot will benefit. It is not too late.

Between W's latest Iraq war moves, Rush Blimblow's rant against Back ToThe Future, and GOPredatorgate, a little extra cash in Texas just might do something. The guys that advise The Trials need to finally start earning their money and start telling their client The Truth, not what they want to hear.

One Of My Best Friends is celebrating her birthday today! Happy Birthday Carol!

She'll have her official birthday celebration next Friday evening, November 3. Check out our website for more details.

CEWDEM is back. He's been on the Injured Reserve list. I'm glad he's back in the game. We need better communications and all the help we can get these last 12 days.

CBS News did a piece on Zack the Foul Ball Guy from Chicago. He has over 2,700 foul balls, dingers, batting practice homers, and balls tossed to him. He has vats of baseballs at his pad. It makes my collection look like what the GOPredator Little Boy Consultants have - you know - what Anna Scott said in "Notting Hill."

October 26, 2006, 9:00AM

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