By Marc Campos

Good Morning 0 and 3

Lot of fans stuck around last night, errr, this morning. Thought they might be serving breakfast tacos instead of hot dogs. Maybe it was not a well executed game, but it was exciting. Well, Commentary has now been to the longest baseball game in post season history (the 18 inning win over the Braves) and the longest World Series game in history.

To Budiot - the MLB Commissioner - your mouthpiece said you were closing the roof because the weather was fine. That's BS. Commentary had a pullover and I was still cold in the later innings. I am at a baseball game, not a football game. I would have been a lot more comfortable with the roof closed.

When ChiSox' Joe Crede hit his fifth inning homer into the right field stands, the fans - as per tradition - chanted for the fan that caught the dinger to throw it back in, after 20 seconds or so, the ball goes flying back onto the field, the ball boy that sits near me retrieved it, turns out the ball thrown back was a batting practice ball.

Highlight of the evening - Commentary snags with his lid a Lance Berkman foul ball - the ball has the World Series logo stamp of approval.

First Gravy Trainer had his mug on the tube for most of the game, that's probably why the karma didn't flow toward us. Hope the fella stays at home this evening.

We are down to one inning at a time - it will certainly be challenging at the yard this evening.

The Mayor Pro Tem's opponent - you know, the Four Star Dumba__, has now admitted to violating the Mayor Pro Tem's privacy. You know that feeling when you step in dog you know what and that odor stays around you for awhile - that's how he feels - now he's scrambling. For a guy that touts he's a professional, he don't look too professional this morning - just looks like a plain Four Star Dumba__.

Nothing to report on the Laura Salinas front, other than our signs continue to get hijacked.

October 26, 2005, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary

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