By Marc Campos

Lone Star Blunder?

You have to wonder what’s going on in the camp of the GOP U.S. Junior Senator from the Lone Star State regarding his vote yesterday against paperless kids and the DREAM ACT. On this issue he and the GOP Senior Senator from the Lone Star State were on different sides. Let’s see, he’s on the ballot next year and she may be running for something in three years.

Maybe he thinks that there are not enough paperless folk supporters around here to cause him problems next year at the polls. Maybe he thinks all the paperless folk supporters are going to vote against him anyway. Maybe she thinks that in three years there will be enough paperless folk supporters in the Lone Star State to make a difference.

From the I didn’t know that department – yesterday the Chron had a photo of folks at a press conference supporting the HISD Bonds including a state senator and county commissioner. Also at the press conference but not in the Chron photo were former H-Town Mayors Bob and Brown – two of my favorite all time mayors.

The wildfires are the biggest story in SoCal these days. The second biggest story – are they going to play a football game out there this Sunday.

In the 1960 World Serious, the Yankees clobbered the Pirates 16 to 3 in Game 2, 10 to 0 in Game 3, and 12 to 0 in Game 6. They lost the series in 7 games. So last night’s 13 to 1 rout was just, well, a rout.

Heck yeah! The ‘Stros have them a new scouting director. His name is Bobby Heck and he has impressive credentials. He helped put the current Brewer team together. Let’s see what he does for us.

October 25, 2007 9:00AM

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