By Marc Campos

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Rosa Parks, one of the most courageous woman in American history, died yesterday. She made a difference.

Looks like Major League Baseball (MLB) is going to close the roof at Minute Maid this evening. MLB is full of sh__! We had to play in the rain and cold Sunday night, why can't we close our roof - it's our pad? MLB is saying the 'Stros use the closed roof as an advantage. I don't understand that - isn't it loud in both dugouts? Off the field, the advantage the 'Stros have is 43,000 plus enthused fans. MLB Commissioner Bud Selig will step in "for the good of the game" and make a decision that will only pi__ off Houston fans. Regardless, the World Series comes to Downtown Houston this evening - finally.

Speaking of Downtown Houston, the money grubbing, price gouging parking lot owners will be out in force today. During the NLCS, lots that normally sold for $7 were charging $20 - expect that lot to go to $25-30 this evening. I'll be walking a far piece this evening.

Laura Salinas, the only candidate that actually lives in District 143, caught a sign stealer in action last night. The perp was the same older fella that was caught on Saturday night. When Laura approached him in the act of removing a Laura sign from private property, the fella just about you know what in his pants - he was also speechless - he is also an Ana supporter. We thought about taking him in for interrogation - you know, the bright light bulb and cigarette smoke in his face - maybe he would spill his guts and tell us who gave him the order to steal our signs.

Apparently, the Houston Mayor Pro Tem's opponent is distributing a document with the Mayor Pro Tem's social security number listed. Commentary has a copy of the document that the opponent himself (not a supporter) handed out. Ooops!! You're not supposed to do that - that's a no-no. Only a real Four Star Dumba__ would pull a bonehead move like that. Welcome to the party you Four Star Dumba__!

October 25, 2005, 9:00AM

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