By Marc Campos

More Votes and Votes and Hector

After Day 4 of Early Voting, Harris County had another great turnout: Cypress Creek (HD 126) plus 77%, Pasadena (HD 128) plus 1% - huh, Tracy Gee (HD 137) plus 67%, Galena Park (HD 143) plus 104%, Tomball (HD 130) plus 69%, Sunnyside (HD 146) plus 119%, Octavia Fields (HD 141) plus 92%. For Early Vote In Person, we are up 102% - not bad at all.

CEWDEM put out suggestions by folks on where to Vote Early to avoid long lines – Ripley House and Moody Park. Hey, I said that earlier this week. While you’re out there, don’t forget to grub out at Merida or Teotihuacan.

Commentary was asked about the total number of votes for the locations in the Latino community. The numbers aren’t as high as other locations throughout the county. I told them not to forget that Latinos have the lowest voter registration rates. We’re a younger community plus we have a lot of paperless folks that can’t vote, errr, unless I sneak them in. That’s why here in the H-Town area we have lower voter registration rates like in HD 143 and HD 145 so that’s why our total numbers aren’t like others. Also, remember – Latinos are everywhere – east, west, north, and south. I mean, you could get dropped off anywhere in Harris County and you could still look around and throw a baseball and land it in a taqueria parking lot. Latinos are voting all over the county.

I need to say a few things about the fella in the County Clerk’s office that is so helpful in getting us info. I’m talking about my friend Hector De Leon. He does a great job in helping Commentary make sense of the numbers. He knows his stuff. Plus, he’s also real good at letting the media and public know what is going on. He’s a real pro. I was watching him on the news this past Sunday morning and he handled the interview like the best of them.

Commentary remembers when he first met Hector back in the early ‘90s. He was a student that definitely had opinions. While he was going through school he worked part-time at Spec’s and I remember going by and picking up adult beverages and seeing him sitting on cases of beer while on break and reading Nietzsche or some other philosopher. Heck, he can even quote those guys. Before he landed at the county, Hector worked for NALEO and helped a whole lot of folks get to be U.S. Americans. Hector is one of the best at county government. Hector also lives in District I.

Commentary did the Channel 13 taping yesterday with GOPer Allen Blakemore, Dr. Franklin Jones from TSU and hosted by Melanie Lawson who is a very sharp and intelligent anchor/newswoman who definitely doesn’t need touching up. I took it easy on Blakemore because I figured he’ll get his on E-Day. I think the local Dem Party big shots will be happy with what I had to say. I served my Party well – I think. Check it out this Sunday at 11 am on HD – yikes!

FYI: Blakemore also said that all the Dems were voting early and not many of us would be left to vote on E-Day. I guess that’s what GOP consultants are telling their clients so they can keep getting their checks….awww!

I wonder if Blakemore can explain the fact that after three days of Early Voting in the Lone Star State, of the 15 most populous counties, Galveston County – after Ike - has the third highest turnout percentage.

Don’t forget to drop by Carol Alvarado’s BD Downtown Celebration at Picazo (LaBranch and Preston) tonight from 7 to midnight.

Also don’t forget to go to the Bentsen-Jordan-Leland Early Vote Brunch tomorrow at 10 am at M.C. Williams Middle School in Acres Homes. Commentary will be there and handle some of the intro and mike duties. I have to score me an Obama T-Shirt today so I can be in full gear manana.

More movie quotes:

Obama to McCain at the last debate – “They call me Mr. Tibbs!” from “In the Heat of the Night.”

Dems didn’t get the Chron E-Board endorsement in the Harris County Judge’s race, but my good friend Edgar got a mention.

Nothing to report from The Yard other than to say that Pam-In-Charge got a little run in the Chron sports section today regarding the Chick-Fil-A “fowl” poles and former ‘Stros Skipper Jimy Williams who is now with the Phillies who are in the World Serious. The last and only time the Phillies won the World Serious was in 1980. That was also the year they came back to beat the ‘Stros in Game Five of the NLCS – it should have been us.

October 24, 2008 9:00AM

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