By Marc Campos

Size Matters, W, 'Hood Voters, Special Pins

I guess African American Dem Dudes intimidate GOPredator Little Men Consultants. It's freaking Tennessee! You don't actually think that Tennessee GOPredators are going to allow the election of an African American Dem, do you? They have to play the race card. After all, they are Southern GOPredators! Come on now, going the African American dude, White woman route - they might as well pull out a film clip from "Mandingo." I'm reminded of a line that Anna Scott, errr Julia Roberts, drops on the fellas in the restaurant in the movie "Notting Hill" - about their little thingies. The fellas in the restaurant could easily be GOPredator consultants.

W will be in CD 22 next Monday. I hope he tries to explain to folks how to write in the Houston City Council Woman CD 22 wannabee. If he tries to explain, we can probably catch the replay on the "Daily Show."

Commentary and The Young Political Consultant That Works For Commentary voted early yesterday in the 'hood. We didn't see any GOPredator signs at the polls. I guess they gave up on 'hood voters, you know, the anti-Latino stuff doesn't hunt in our parts.

On to other things, during the World Series, the participating teams hand out limited media World Series pins to - who else - the media. They started this tradition in the early 1900s. They are a pretty cool item for the collectors. Guess what, I have a set from last year's participants - 'Stros and Sox. Got them for my 54th from guess who? Pam-In-Charge - thanks.

October 24, 2006, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary