By Marc Campos

Difficult, Caught In The Act

"Difficult, but not impossible" - one of the memorable lines from Godfather II. That's the challenge we face as we head to Minute Maid tomorrow evening. We could have easily won either or both games this past weekend. You can't say we got outplayed, just outscored. The back to back dingers off of Brad Lidge doesn't mean he's lost his stuff - I know Edgar would argue otherwise - it just means that we are having that kind of season. I still like our chances.

Laura Salinas sign stealers were caught in the act Saturday evening. Sad to say it was an older couple that are active in their community. I was kind of disappointed - not that they were caught - rather, that they weren't at home watching Game 1. Some Laura Salinas supporters saw them tearing down signs, honked their horn at them, a police cruiser came by and the sign snatchers acted like they were putting up the sign. Commentary got a few calls yesterday about the Chron piece that ran Sunday on the District 143 race - callers told Commentary that Laura came out looking the best - I agree.

October 24, 2005, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary

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