By Marc Campos

E-Day, Cut and Run, Scared, Rawlings

Today is Election Day in Texas and I wonder how many voters in CD 22 have figured out how to write in the Houston City Council Woman CD 22 wannabee? I wonder if The GOPredators are learning how to say “Speaker Pelosi?” Looks like Dem control of the U.S. House is pretty much a done deal, I can’t say that about the U.S. Senate – yet.

It also looks like W’s “cut and run” phrase is going to take on a different meaning the evening of November 7. A lot of W’s GOPredator folks are going to be “cutting and running” from W’s policies.

Speaking of “cutting and running”, why doesn’t the Chron’s E-Board just go on ahead and tell CD 7 voters not to support the incumbent Culberson? They kind of wasted a whole Sunday E-rap telling us that the incumbent was out of step but then not having the huevos to take a position. It looks like they were scared.

Rawlings, the maker of baseball gloves, also puts out briefcases/satchels made out of the same leather they use for gloves – cool. How do I know this? I got one for my birthday from Pam-In-Charge. The glove, errr, briefcase has baseball glove stitching on some parts. I don’t think you are supposed to oil the leather to break it in though.

October 23, 2006, 9:00AM

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