By Marc Campos

Early Voting

There are many reasons why you should vote early today.

You might be a goner tomorrow and might not get to get to Tuesday, November 6.

Vote today on the HISD Bonds and when you run into State Rep Sly or the Labor Guys, you can tell them you already voted and supported their position - it's a secret ballot, they will never find out.

You can vote today and then take the next week and a half off and head to Boston and Colorado to check out the World Serious.

You can vote early today and not have to learn about all the state constitutional amendments over the next week and a half - just act like you know what you are voting on.

You can vote early today and start planning your election night activities.

You can vote early and start guilt tripping your family and friends into voting - period.

You can vote early today and when you get a campaign mail piece you can just throw it away without glancing at it.

Or you can vote early today and spend Election Day helping out James Rodriguez, candidate for Houston City Council, District I.

The Chron's conservative guest columnist took a cheap shot at former Mayor Lee Brown yesterday in an Op-Ed about H-Town's Mayor. I thought it was unnecessary and didn't help make his case. A good writer can make a case on H-Town's Mayor without having to take a mean spirited shot at Mayor Brown. Of course, I'm talking about a good writer.

I'm not going to say anything about the Texans getting punked by the Vinceless Titans yesterday - a curse?

Red Sox Nation is feeling good today -good for them. However, you never see any folks of the African American persuasion sitting in the stands at Fenway ....mmmm. Maybe I'm getting up too often to fetch a St. Arnold's from the fridge - or maybe I should not blink - cause I might be missing something. Maybe I'll ask John Kerry about that next time I see him.

October 22, 2007 9:00AM

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