By Marc Campos

You’re Voting And It’s No Joke, errr Jake!

39,201 voted early in Harris County yesterday as compared to 20,868 on the first day in 2004. That’s nearly twice as much. As day say in baseball speak – we’re heading for a modern day record – I think. The first day’s location-by-location numbers look impressive across the board – interesting.

GOPer Joan Huffman, a candidate in the Senate District 17 race, has an ad running that shows her climbing one of those fake rock walls. I don’t know what that has to do with being a good state senator. I don’t think The Dean does rock climbing.

Yankee great and Hall of Famer Whitey Ford is one of Commentary’s favorite players. He has the record for most World Serious wins – ten. He and I also share the same BD. He’s eighty years young today. Happy Birthday Whitey!

Due to a pressing family matter, the owner of MLB’s San Diego Padres is looking to sell half of his team because he needs the cash. ‘Til death do us part didn’t work out so good for him. In the crazy world of baseball economics, that means he has to unload some of his payroll so that he can attract a buyer. That means their pitching Ace Jake Peavy is on the trading block. Peavy has said that one of the teams that that he would play for is the ‘Stros.

Now it is no secret that we need to improve our starting pitching but at what cost. The Padres won’t give up their Ace unless they get a lot in return and we ain’t got a lot in return to offer. Hunter Pence would probably be the only player that would interest the Padres unless they raided our farm system which we are now in the process of restocking. I just don’t see us making that deal and there is nothing else to report from The Yard.

October 21, 2008 9:00AM

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