By Marc Campos

Jumping On The Bandwagon For Sure!

My nephew Dave put it this way Ė every little bit helps. Still, Iím not impressed with one of Wís Co-Conspirators telling Tom Brokaw yesterday that heís supporting Obama. I nearly threw up my refried bean breakfast tacos Ė barf! Heís the same fella that eight years ago went on stage at the GOP convention and led the cheers for W and Big Dick Cheney. He said yesterday that part of his decision was based on the fact that Palin wasnít ready to be Prez but eight years ago he said W was and that he would be a great Prez Ė huh! Oh and by the way, he helped get us into a war we shouldnít be in and still wonít admit that it was a very dumb thing to do. Iíll give him this. At least he can read the handwriting on the wall and he figures if he jumps on the bandwagon, folks will forget that he was part of Wís sorry arse team. Sorry pal, you donít get a pass on this one.

Now Obama is saying that heíll count on this fella to be one of his advisors. I donít know about that since he wouldnít stand up against a lightweight like W. The fella also said that the first thing Obama ought to do if elected was to work to repair our world wide image. The fella forgot to say that he was a major contributor to how our image got run into the ditch in the first place.

Speaking of, the Chronís E-Board also jumped on the Obama bandwagon Ė weíre gonna need a bigger wagon for sure. They get a pass because at least they didnít help get us into the dumb war.

The Chronís E-Board didnít endorse the Dem in the Harris County DA race Ė thatís too bad.

Commentary checked out Governor Palin Saturday night. Iíll give her this. She has some moves.

Early Voting begins today. Letís see if we are really on a record setting pace.

Nothing to report from The Yard other than to say that the World Serious will feature two closers Ė Lidge and Wheeler Ė that figured prominently in the ĎStrosí 2005 World Serious run.

October 20, 2008 9:00AM

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