By Marc Campos

It's Official, $mokescreen, Snapalope, NL Central

You can take it to the bank - the Rs are toast this election season. At last night's U.S. Senate debate, Texas' Seniorita Senator says if she knew WMDs didn't exist back then, she would have voted against W's War - that's not what W's Brain is saying. Off message - sorry - they're running for cover. Pundits, media people and other folks will be talking about this over the next few days. The Rs will continue to play defense and Ds will score points. This ought to help D candidates up and down the ballot. Thanks Barbara Ann!

Speaking of GOPredators, there is a new movie opening in town this weekend called "Little Children." I heard they had a special screening up in DC this past week at the RCCC headquarters . . . awwww!

More on H-Town's one of these days totally completely absolutely without a doubt smoke free ordinance - how come they granted the City's convention center an exemption or something like that? Maybe somebody over at City Hall can 'splain that to Commentary, errr, or try to 'splain. I guess convention center smoke can't kill you. That must be a pretty cool building. I think it had something to do with money, no can't be, because they said this wasn't about money, except in this case it was money, or rather business, which isn't money - you follow - cause I didn't.

I fell for it, I think. I saw the TV commercial and went to snapalope.com. I still can't figure out where I went. Maybe I'm too old and missed something. Maybe I need to cut down on St. Arnold's. What the heck is a snapalope anyway, a freaking stick animal? Hey, they suckered me onto their website. I guess they wanted me to stick around . . . awww, again!

Think about it, and believe me I do, we should be World Serious this morning. Instead, it's the Cards that are in Motown this morning. It was pretty amazing to watch Carlos Beltran let that third strike curve ball sail by him without even swinging with the bases loaded and two out in the bottom of the ninth - then stunned silence from the Mets fans at Shea. This makes the third year in a row that a National League Central Division team is in the World Series- of course we're 0 and eight. So who are you going to root for - the Cards or the Tigers? Don't bother responding, I know the answer!

October 20, 2006, 9:00AM

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