By Marc Campos

World Serious Delirious

Got to admit it - Commentary is superstitious. Got an email yesterday afternoon from my buddy Edgar - he informed me that Laura Salinas had been endorsed by the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Policy Committee PAC - you see, we don't get many endorsements in Lauraville - so I took it as a sign of good things to come - I knew then that Academy Sports would open after the game and sell Astros World Series gear.

Edgar, who knows baseball, also felt good about Roy O.. I picked them in six and I was on - I said 10:10 pm., and I was off by 12 minutes.

This is better than a Super Bowl. Superstitious? Heck yeah. I wear the same lid until the Astros lose, then I switch. I usually only wear one of three Astros T-shirts to the yard. I usually wear my shades - like LaRussa. Commentary is a die hard fan. I listen to the 'Stros even when they are 20 games out in late September. In 1962, when they were the Colt '45s, I dreamed of a World Series - dreams come true. Skeeters at Colt Stadium, nickel beer, dome dogs, exploding scoreboards, rainbow jerseys, heartbreaking losses to the Braves, Lima Time - now we're there!

Years from now, when they ask - who won the last game played at Busch Stadium - well - HOUSTON!!!!

Commentary told you that we would forget about Albert Pujols' moon shot. Now let's dance.

October 20, 2005, 9:00AM

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