By Marc Campos

Local Dems Duck Prop 1
By Marc Campos

The Harris County Democratic Party sent out an email yesterday urging Democrats to vote against Prop 2 and vote for Prop 3. The Party took a fence sitting position on Prop 1.

Prop 2 is a city of Houston charter amendment that would require voter approval before the city could increase total revenue more than the combined rates of increase of inflation and population. The so called "RevCap" forces are lead by right wingers like Harris County Tax Assessor Collector Paul Bettencourt.

Prop 3 is a charter amendment that would give the city controller more audit authority.

Prop 1 is the Prop 2 response by Mayor Bill White. According to Harris County Dem Chair Gerry Birnberg, "has some good, such as provisions which could limit the growth of ad valorem property taxes... the bad would take away from elected city officials flexibility.." Birnberg goes on to urge Dems to study the issue.

Birmberg points out that Prop 2 is supported by the local Republican Party, but fails to mention that the Repubs defeated a resolution supporting Prop 1. Way to go Chair Gerry.

The Dems are right to oppose Prop 2 and support Prop 3. They are dead wrong in not providing leadership on Prop 1 - one way or the other.

October 20, 2004, 9:30AM

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