By Marc Campos

E-Joke, Battle Red Bombs, Lit Up, Go ?!

You can find the comics in the Chron's E-pages today. There's a tongue-in-cheek E-Board piece endorsing Lady Foghorn for Governor. The Chron's E-Board is letting its readers know that we don't ever have to take the E-pages serious again - I'm cool with that.

I guess we can put the Chron's E-Board right alongside The Kinkhole in the mocking the electoral process 2006 category. Wonder what Da Bell did to pi__off the Chron's management? It's going to be tough convincing Commentary that the majority of the E-Board members actually think Foghorn would be a half a__ decent Governor. I'm waiting on the punch line, errr, waiting on Godot.

Battle Red Sunday - that's how they are billing the Houston Texans game this weekend here in H-Town while Homeland Security says the game isn't a target - sorta. Homeland Security isn't taking the threat seriously, then why make a big deal out of it, oh, I forgot, Early Voting starts next Monday here in Texas. One thing is for sure, I'm watching the game on TV. Homeland Security just ain't making me feel too secure.

Dirty bomb? What the heck is a dirty bomb? Is it a bomb that needs a shower? Is it a bomb that smells? Is it a bomb that uses four letter words? Is it a bomb that text messages little kids like the GOPredators? Are we supposed to know one when we see one? If you ask me, this whole threat thing is a teaser. I'm telling you, they got Bin Laden on ice and are fixing to put him on display - come on, bet me.

H-Town is now going completely totally absolutely without a doubt smoke free - kinda sorta again. So how come it takes the ordinance 10 months to go into effect. How long does it take to print up no smoking signs? How long does it take someone to say - "sorry, you can't light up here?"

Do 'Stros fans care who wins Game 7 tonight? Do we root for the Cardinals with Albert, Scott, Chris, Jim and Preston Wilson - yikes? Do we root for the Mets and Carlos Beltran - more yikes? Do we care? Heck yes! It's the Cards versus the Mets from Shea! It's game seven remember - watch it - I am!

October 19, 2006, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary