By Marc Campos

Tonight, Saintly State, A Sign

The bars will be packed. The malls and grocery stores will be empty. Folks will converge on Downtown Houston. Even the non-fans will have their eyes fixed on the tube. Kind of like a hurricane approaching, the streets will be deserted. Commentary will be at home. Wonder if the Round Table regulars will be, well, regulars?

Next year, the Cards will be moving into a new crib, so tonight could be their last game at Busch Stadium. Sport 610's Rich Lord said on the radio yesterday, why not have the Astros celebrate a World Series trip in their storied yard after the last game at Busch Stadium - that would be cool - but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Still, they have to beat Roy O. this evening.

Last week, at a gathering of political players where Commentary was a panelist, I predicted the Astros in six. Looks like tonight is the night. Roy O. likes to work fast, so maybe I'm figuring we might know something around 10:10 pm. It sure would erase - "where were you when Pujols .....?" This is our 44th year of existence - it's about time!!

In yesterday's San Antonio Express News, there was a story about San Antonio looting the Saints out of NOLA. A San Antonio state senator wants to tap into the state's enterprise fund to help lure the Saints. Bad idea. No, REAL bad idea. Hey SA, you want a pro sports team franchise, do it like the rest of us. Call a vote to add a tax. In 1996, we voted here in Harris County to add a tax so we could help build a new crib for the 'Stros. If SA wants to loot the Saints, don't ask us folks in Houston to help pay for it. I'm kind of surprised electeds from other parts of the state aren't piling on the SA state senator's REAL bad idea.

Been driving around District 143 a lot lately. I've noticed that Laura Salinas is the only candidate that is having her campaign signs stolen. Our opponents still have most of their signs up. Let's see, we get hate mail, we get our signs stolen, and we get flogged on the blogs - what is a political consultant supposed to make of this?

October 19, 2005, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary

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