By Marc Campos

Embrace Our Own Superstar
By Marc Campos

Houston Hispanics, we have the real deal. Embrace Carlos Beltran. Be proud!

Beltran is arguably the best all around player in baseball today. His post season performance on the field is proof. He is respected and feared by opposing players. Baseball fans throughout the world are awed by his magnificence.

He is also a genuine good person. He is not the spoiled professional athlete that many sports fans loathe. He is a guy that would be an excellent role model for Hispanic kids.

When the final out is recorded this month, the free agent Beltran will ponder his future. The money offers will no doubt be astronomical. The Astros will not be the highest bidder.

Beltran's positive experiences during the current race for the championship and the prospect of being adopted by over a million local Hispanics are factors that might convince him to sign with the Houston Astros.

Find some time to let him know that he would be welcome in Houston.

October 19, 2004, 9:20AM

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