By Marc Campos


Take it easy out there! It’s not the end of the world.

Folks get too bent out of shape on campaigns, deals, taxes, and going over to the other side.

Apparently, this HISD Bond deal with local organized labor and a Chron columnist take on the deal has gotten some folks all riled up. That’s why newspapers have columnists – to get folks all riled up. Hey, it obviously worked this time. Folks get slapped around in politics and campaigns all the time. You just got to go with the punches.

The Harris County Judge is all pi__ed off at his GOP primary opponent. He says he wants to sue his opponent for defamation of character – huh! His opponent says the County Judge isn’t doing enough to lower taxes. He ought to look at what his GOP buddies say about Dems before he goes into full lawsuit mode. When it comes to criticizing Dems, the GOP doesn’t believe in boundaries.

The Texas far right wingers aren’t too happy that Guv Dude is supporting Rudy G. for Prez. They need to cut Guv Dude some slack. Who’s Guv Dude going to support? Second tier wannabees? The Catcher’s Mitt guy that switches positions on key issues? The Law and Order fella that only campaigns once a week? Like I said yesterday, Rudy G. is a “tough guy.” I bet when they are together alone, they have contests on who can spit farther – that’s what tough guys do. Face it, the far right wingers didn’t put up a bona fide serious right wing contender this time – sorry.

The playoffs resume this evening with a bit of pressure on ManRam and Big Papi – it ought to be interesting.

October 18, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary