By Marc Campos

Brains - Not Balls, GOTV

It looked like one of those macho things. Just blow the ball pass him. Remember Game 7 of last year's National League Championship Series when Roger tried to blow it by Pujols and didn't. My best friend told me then that it looked like one of those macho things - who's got the bigger b_lls. I don't care about b_lls, I want to know who has the brains.

In today's Chron, closer Brad Lidge says - "I'm going to wake up tomorrow ..... and I'm not going to think about it again." Guess you're never going to watch TV again, cause since I got to my pad last night, the blast has only been shown a jillion times. If we're not playing in Chi-Town Saturday evening, you will never forget the shot heard round H-Town.

Commentary is clearly on record regarding Albert Pujols. In a situation like the one Brad Lidge faced last night, with everything on the line, Albert doesn't get thrown strikes. Don't out-macho him, out smart him.

OK my fellow fans, we all got caught up in yesterday's Astromania, figuring out how to get tickets to the World Series, we got ahead of ourselves. Commentary will say it again, it won't be easy, but we can do it. With the kind of year we've had, I guess it is appropriate that we have to go to Missouri and finish the job. Take a deep breath, get back to your work station, put in a few productive hours, and before you know it, Wednesday evening will roll around and Roy O. will be on the mound - we're in pretty good shape.

You know how our government wants the people of Iraq to adopt Democracy - American style? Maybe we can learn something from them, like how to get folks to the polls. Iraq had an election this past weekend to adopt a new constitution, seems like some precincts - if that's what you call them - had 99% plus turnout - and they got a war going on. Commentary needs to find out who the consultants were that conducted the get-out-the-vote efforts - might want to hire them in District 143.

Back to the yard. They were handing out those thunder sticks as you entered the game - you know those plastic tubes that you inflate and bang together to make noise. They were sponsored by the Chron and La Voz . Folks know the Chron, wonder how many fans at the game last night know La Voz? Maybe they thought the Chron was the voice.

October 18, 2005, 9:00AM

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