By Marc Campos

Early Vote Now
By Marc Campos

Get it over with and vote early today. It will make you feel better. If you are a Dem and feel you were ripped off in 2000, get your payback today. If you happen to be an R, you need to protect your turf.

Here locally, we don't have an excuse for not voting early. What, you haven't made up your mind? You're still studying the ballot? You haven't had time to think about the election.

We've all made up our minds. We don't have much of a ballot here and this election weighs heavily on our minds.

Local Dems have hope. They have a good chance to knock off Talmadge Heflin and maybe send a powerful message to the DA.

Kerry calls this election the most important of our lifetime. Maybe, maybe not. However, think about this - in this election you are not hearing about the candidates - "ehh, why bother voting, they're all the same".

October 18, 2004, 9:30AM

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