By Marc Campos

How about 70%!

There is a story today on the Chron’s front page about early voting. A record early vote turnout is expected here in Harris County. In 2004, we had a 58% voter turnout. Commentary thinks we can hit 70% this time around which is bad news for the GOP. Also, instead of voting early at the West Gray location which is always crowded with long lines and parking hassles, try Ripley House just east of Downtown on Navigation or Moody Park just north of Downtown. No lines, so you can go in and out and then stop by Merida or Teotihuacan and grub out.

The Lone Star State Texas Education Commissioner is taking over the North Forest school district. He ousted the current superintendent and eliminated the school board. Beginning next Monday, North Forest voters get to vote in three school board races – interesting.

The H-Town Mayor and City Controller called a special press conference yesterday to say the city was in good financial shape. Commentary dropped by to check it out. They also said that we’re in a region with a healthy economy. Stay tuned!

The Ibarra brothers – the guys that sued Harris County and the GOP Sheriff that ultimately led to the demise of the former Harris County DA – are now suing their lawyer Lloyd Kelley. The brothers claim that Kelley is holding back some of their settlement money. Kelley claims that he’s just holding back expenses that he ran up including $20,000 he supposedly shelled out to Quanell X. Initially, the Chron said the 20 thousand was for staging a protest rally at the courthouse. Now they are saying it was for jury consulting. Now they are saying that Quanell X hasn’t been paid yet. Now Kelley is saying that the brothers should be more than happy with what they got. I sure am glad Commissioner Garcia kicked his arse in 1997.

Nothing to report from The Yard other than to say that ‘Stros GM Ed Wade continues to get good local and national run for his contribution to the Philles’ success. If Philly wins the World Serious, will they give a World Serious ring to Wade – stay tuned!

October 17, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary