By Marc Campos

Eds Benedict, 300 Mil, Downtown Parque, The Tillerman

What's up with former San Antonio Mayor Ed Garza, a used to be Dem, endorsing Guv Dude in radio ads and what are Latinos doing to celebrate Numero 300,000,000? I guess Ed decided he doesn't want a future in the Democratic Party. Maybe he was promised a good paying gig if Guv Dude gets reelected. Maybe he was promised business opportunities with GOP donors. Maybe the Dem Party activists in Bexar County forgot to tell Ed about all the Latino bashing going on by GOP folks.

There are now 300 mil folks living in the U.S. of A. - muchas gracias. Take that Ed Garza and your new GOP compadres. We don't care about your steeeenkeeen feeences or your huevoless Meenie Men! Commentary thinks it is now time to put together an H-Town area meeting of all Latino leaders and activists to figure out how to deal with all this GOP bashing. The only criteria for participating - check your personal/political agendas at the door. Please stay tuned!

Today we find out the new name of the Downtown Park that will open next year. I just hope the park is for everyone and not just for the elite or tourists. If it is surrounded by high end restaurants and shops - forget about it. Maybe they ought to have some taquerias and raspa/paletera vendors around to make sure everyone is welcome.

What happens if you purchase an old Cat Stevens album, errr, CD? I was at the CD store this past weekend and I saw the Cat Stevens section and ran across "Tea for the Tillerman." The good old U.S. of A. won't let Cat Stevens, now named Yusuf Islam, into the country. He's not welcome here for national security reasons or something like that. So if you buy his old CDs like "Tea for the Tillerman", does the Patriot Act automatically kick in and you get put under surveillance?

Is "The Tillerman" some sort of code word that the so call "cells" use as an ignition? Is there some phrase in "Wild World" that is a call to arms? What about the "longer boats that are coming to win us"? Win what from us? How about "Miles From Nowhere"? "But I Might Die Tonight" - now this might merit close scrutiny from The Patriot Act.

If you ask me, the only Cat Stevens "Tillerman" tune that I got a problem with is the one the GOPredators adopted - "Where Do The Children Play" . . . awwww!

October 17, 2006, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary