By Marc Campos

UnDem, Three In A Row,
Foul Balls, Cub Fan

The Chron ran a story over this past weekend about former Texas attorney general John Hill going to DC to lobby for Harriet Miers. Hill is a partner in the law firm that Miers used to run. The Chron called Hill a Democrat. Sorry Chron. Hill gave up his Demship years ago. The fella campaigned for W in 2000. Can't remember the last time he supported a Dem.

The Cards have to win three in a row to deny us a trip to the World Series. I don't think that's going to happen. There is a good chance tonight will be the greatest night in Houston sports history. Props go to the Commentary reader/fan that snuck into the Cardinal clubhouse Friday night and stole Albert Pujols' bats. The coolest dude in baseball lost his cool yesterday and got the heave ho. Talking about Tony LaRussa arguing strikes. Dude wasn't wearing his shades - maybe that's why he lost his cool.

Got a call Friday from Channel 11. They said they wanted to do a story on me and my foul balls - part of Astromania, I guess. I met the Channel 11 reporter and photographer at the yard yesterday before the game - gave them an interview. The story is supposed to air today during the five o'clock news. Thought about wearing my Laura Salinas T-shirt during the interview, you know, the one that says "the only candidate that actually lives in District 143." Decided not to, Laura will win without foul balls. Guess what? Around the second inning I caught a foul ball.....awwww! Didn't give it to a kid.

I saw one of my favorite Cub fans the other evening. I asked him if he was rooting for the Chicago White Sox. He said a true Cub fan hates the Sox. I asked him if he was rooting for the 'Stros. He said a true Cub fan hates the Cards. I guess a lot of folks in Chicago will be rooting for the Astros this evening - GO 'STROS!!

October 17, 2005, 9:00AM

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