By Marc Campos

Debates and Squirrels

Last night’s debate was pretty much the same which is bad news for McCain/Palin. Meanwhile, last night Channel 13 did a number on GOP Harris County Attorney Mike Stafford – ouch! That’s two days in a row for the GOPer – ouch, ouch! The last thing that fella wanted on the eve of early voting was a news story that smacked him around for his lack of ethics and spending a whole lot of money at fancy restaurants. Like I said yesterday, they got so arrogant they thought they were untouchable. He better start polishing up his resume for sure.

Meanwhile, the GOP has hired a big squirrel to go to Obama/Biden rallies. The big squirrel is supposed to remind folks of the ACORN nuts. It’s funny but won’t change a thing.

H-Town CM James Rodriguez, The Lovely Wendy, Serge, Tiffany, and J. Dominic ran into Neil Diamond last night at an East End restaurant – cool.

This is from today’s Chron Star Section: “Political fare - The mayor's race might not be on the ballot until next year, but it was one of the political contests chewed over at a pre-election analysis luncheon Tuesday at the Four Seasons Hotel. Hosted by Klotz Associates and Fulbright & Jaworski, the experts covered the November ballot top to bottom.

Sharing their wisdom with an audience of 70 top business and political leaders were Rice University political scientist Bob Stein, political consultant Marc Campos, Defender Media Group CEO Sonny Messiah Jiles, University of Houston political scientist Richard Murray and moderator Margaret Menger of the Clifford Group.

Absorbing every morsel were guests including City Controller Annise Parker, Wayne Klotz, Richard Huff, Ed Wulfe, Neil Thomas, Oliver Luck, Pam Gardner, Argentina James, Anthony Hall, Marty Stein and Cindy Clifford.”

Nothing to report from The Yard other than after last night’s game, the Phillies skipper who is now on his way to the World Serious was giving a lot of credit to their former general manager who now happens to be the GM of the ‘Stros – Ed Wade. That’s cool.

October 16, 2008 9:00AM

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